Free Webinar

Unlock the Change:
Tips and Science Behind Sustainability
With Laura Zaikauskaite and Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Thursday, July 7th 11:00 – 12:00 noon UK time

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Unlock the Change: Tips and Science Behind Sustainability

Free online webinar is designed to change the way you think about eco-(un)friendly behaviour.

What you will get out of the webinar?
Youll get science-based insight into how the brain reacts to the topics about sustainability and then well show you why the way eco-friendly communication is delivered is actually working against taking sustainable actions.
Even if the sustainability campaigns are working for you, we will show you how they could do much more.
During the webinar, youll learn what the 3 major cognitive blocks of taking the action are and how to master the power of the brain to unlock them. You will also learn about memory and emotions, and why its so easy to deny information. By the end of the session, should you wish to, you will also be able to participate in a scientific test and figure out whether the memory and emotions of your own make or break the interpretation of the eco-friendly communication.
Youll leave the webinar with an inspiration to understand and use the psychology for making the world a better and greener place to live in.

The webinar is for you if you could benefit from improving one or more of these areas:

1. Would you like to be introduced and trained on how to utilise the power of cognitive biases, which alter the understanding of eco-friendly information?

Our webinar will reveal how memory and emotions interfere when processing environmental information, and why brains ability to interpret eco-(unfriendly) information is now possibly more biased than it used to be before. Why people tend to deny what it seem to be the obvious facts? Why is it that even eco-friendly action that requires micro-effort now feels more demanding to make? You will learn what psychological mechanisms control the interpretation of information and, most importantly how you could use psychological science to debunk the power of cognitive biases to make environmental information more accessible to the public.

2. Would you benefit from utilising the latest eco-friendly thinking in behavioural science and get introduced to psychological frameworks that are designed for changing peoples minds and behaviours?

You might be familiar with the frustration that comes from hearing what people should and should not do in relation to becoming more sustainable and then not doing most of it themselves. You could end up constantly having to moralise why greening the planet is important and how these things should be done wasting your precious time and slowing down the sustainability-related work that you would be doing otherwise. Actually, thats not down to people not caring about the environment, its down to not being able to process and absorb the information related to climate change issues effectively. If you would like to know what psychological frameworks could be used to increase brains capacity to relate to information related to eco-friendly themes, our webinar is perfect for you. You will learn what major brain processes create cognitive blocks that alter the interpretation of the information, and what behavioural science frameworks could be used to overcome these.

3. Would you be interested in knowing how to disrupt the current decision-making context by using emotional vs. Rational thinking paradigms related to sustainable mind?

When you understand the science behind the sustainable thinking, you will be able to tap into the brain at a much deeper level and then connect with the information processing mechanisms from there. By enhancing brains ability to process the environmental information, you will quickly enable the audience to grasp and understand complex climate change-related information and articulate it like a pro. No extensive effort needed, we will only suggest the frameworks that momentarily alter brains ability to de-bias and interpret environmental information.

4. Would the awareness of the power of small things that could make a big difference be advantageous to you?

The tip of the tongue can be a very crowded place when the brain simply refuses to co-operate. At the webinar you will learn why small details can change the interpretation of environmental information and how this was done in the previous case studies of the real-life. Youll also get introduced how to use small things to make the big difference in improving the attention to and interpretation of eco-(un)friendly information.

The 3 main goals of our free webinar are:

A. You will understand why brain tends to deny the information related to sustainability

our webinar will empower participants to understand the science behind eco-(un)friendly mind. Participants will receive the advanced knowledge of the latest scientific practices and discoveries in an accessible manner, combining them with a practical real-life test to provide a unique insight into how your own brain reacts to sustainability-related information. Our bespoke webinar is designed to explore the key forces and processes that influence the psychological outcomes, such as attention, memory, perception, expectations, emotions, and rationality to name a few. Youll leave our free webinar with a better understanding of how you currently use your brain and what you can achieve in the future with professional training in eco-psychology.

B. You will experience the techniques

the webinar is not just facts and theory. Science is the foundation for all our techniques, and you will witness the application of powerful techniques, in real time – allowing you to appreciate the tangible benefits of what the application of psychological and behavioural sciences can offer. You could hear more from us talking about environmental psychology in this video:

C. Take advantage of the limited availability discount to a 4-week online training in eco-psychology and behavioural science.

At the end of our webinar you will have the opportunity to learn about the exclusive training programme, which is our first-ever eco-psychology and sustainability-focused programme that we offer. Most powerfully, this programme is based on our own science, conducted on the psychology of sustainable mind. You could find out more about our scientific studies here: . We will explain how the programme works in more detail, what it can do for you, and give you the opportunity to enrol at a significantly discounted rate.
To get the most out of the webinar, take time to think about your sustainability-related goals and what youd want to improve in your daily performance. You will not only learn how to decode the sustainable mind, but also be able to ask the any questions you may have, as the webinar is live.

We look forward to welcoming you to the free webinar and demonstrating how powerful the science behind sustainable mind brain can be.