Behavioural Science

Communicate With Impact in Re-Connecting People With Sustainable Mind

An immersive online 3-hour workshop powered by behavioural science

July 13th, 10:00 – 12:00 noon UK time


This is an immersive workshop that will empower participants to deliver messages relating to sustainability with impact. It will bring together core psychological models, which will help the participants to acquire deep psychological and neuroscientific insights, allowing them to tackle any form of engagement/communication challenge within a busy and dynamic climate change landscape. We have curated a case study-based syllabus that will provide you with examples of eco-friendly communications that work and that doesn’t, empowering the participants to use psychological science to sculpt more engaging communication campaigns. Participants will be challenged to ‘connect the dots’ from theory to practice, and ultimately have a creative, hands on insights in how behavioural science techniques can ignite action.


The workshop is based on the best psychological and neuroscientific theories and practices, meaning participants will receive advanced knowledge and a deep understanding. At the heart of our workshop lies actionable thinking and interventions, adopting a very interactive and engaging paradigm to deliver information. We encourage people to think in a different way. The workshop will be divided into three sections. All sections are taught with a real case study, that allows participants to learn all key strategies and view how they can actually be used within sustainability campaigns. This is a unique approach of bridging a workshop style session that is fuelled with the latest insights from science and business, including the knowledge from our own scientific publications.

Section 1. Step by step guide to engage the public.

In this section we will be sharing a number of techniques that will allow you to understand how you can capture the attention from the general public. Within the busy lifestyles of people, what are the key factors that ought to be addressed, in order to make the communication about eco-friendliness seem compelling? This section will be delivered by sharing the latest scientific insights (i.e. nudges, neuroscience, eco-psychology, behavioural change) and showing how to implement them within the effective sustainability campaign.

Section 2. Step by step guide to engage the corporations.

In the 2nd section we will be sharing influence interventions that relate to the interests of corporations. We will explore what to consider when formulating the language and images, so that the designed sustainability-related messages become attractive for the entire corporation. We will use real-life examples and will work on them to boost persuasive qualities to attract the audience.

Section 3. Making the change to stick.

This final section will show you how to apply the knowledge shared in sections 1 & 2, with respect to developing impactful communication campaigns on both individual and collective levels. Finally, we will share with you ways of measuring your success and communicating it to both internal and external stakeholders.


Skills and Competencies

We have designed this workshop to empower the participants to challenge the effectiveness of sustainability campaigns and related communication. Utilizing the power of behavioural psychology, we feel that our techniques are not simply applicable to marketing settings, but apply within a plethora of panoramic skills that participants may appreciate, such as clear decision-making, sharpening awareness and critical thinking. In this vein, we have divided the skills and competencies into two categories. The first category contains the panoramic skills that are transferable across all sustainability-based communication campaigns, and the second category provides you with a breakdown of marketing related skills that the participants will gain by completing attending the workshop.


Panoramic / Transferable Skills

• How to package a message to ensure maximum accessibility and persuasiveness.

• How to persuade people to go against the crowd.

• How to promote and sell an opportunity (i.e. colours, language, and design).

• How to successfully launch an idea and generate powerful responses.

• When to hold on to consumer habits and when to break them.

• What type of narratives speak best to consumers.

• How to shift perceptions of your brand communication initiatives.


Marketing Competences

You will:

• Be introduced and trained on how to utilise the power of cognitive biases which alter decision-making process.

• Gain experience in utilising the very latest behavioural science thinking and psychological frameworks to change people’s minds and their behaviour.

• Understand the scientific ground for building ‘switching’ interventions.

• Be exposed to different, psychology-based perspectives that will enable the participants to challenge the way people think about sustainability – not just the rational but also emotional perspectives.

• Gain practice on implementing behaviour change.

• Learn to identify the power of small things that could make big difference.

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Laura Zaikauskaitė

Laura is an author, lecturer, researcher, scientist and corporate consultant. Her scope of work includes investigating the psychology behind human behaviour in everyday contexts, such as consumption of goods, purchasing, decision-making, habits, etc. Laura’s work focuses on finding conscious and non-conscious thoughts that explain why people do what they do and uses thought patterns to build insightful behaviour models that can elicit behaviour change even in very complex social situations.


Laura’s insights are based on the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Neuroscience, and Behavioural Science. She has taught many undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive courses within the scope of Consumer Psychology, Behavioural Science, and Research Design. Laura has consulted top global and UK brands such as Plinthit, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, and Virgin Trains to name a few. Laura is a recognised educator by the Academy of Higher Education and is a current PhD Psychology Candidate at the University College London.

Laura’s academic research interest lies in the psychology of eco-friendly behaviours and the factors forming people’s views towards the climate change situation. She works on developing the theory of why no one really knows what pro-environmental morality is and why the psychology of eco-friendly behaviours often goes against the existing rational behaviour models. She has published scientific work on the relationship between morality and sustainability in famous academic journals and has presented her work at numerous conferences.

Trusted by global brands:

In colaboration with

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Dimitrios is a most cited and broadcasted Consumer and Business Psychologist and Behavioural Scientist of Global renown. He consults for a series of large global corporations and brands and is regularly invited to bring his informative, informal presentation style to keynote speeches, conferences and company meetings in both the private and public sectors worldwide. He acts as a regular scientific consultant for titles including The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Vice and Esquire, and has appeared on documentaries and human interest shows on the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Dimitrios was the first person to establish the field of Consumer Psychology in the UK and now expertly and influentially uses science to find out what people want and think in order to build things that are long-lasting, and more absorbing. He helps understand who the consumer is, demonstrates and provides trend forecasts for how their behaviour might shift in the future. Dimitrios has lent his distinctive approach to a range of clients in various industries: from investments banks to media broadcasters, from luxury fashion houses to the NHS.



“It was powerful. The workshop was thought provoking, inspiring, and gave our guests useful tools that could be incorporated immediately. The insights raised in his talk were not only relevant to our audience; they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun – look no further.”

— Colin Carroll,

Founder & CEO, LBDC

“Fascinating and practical insights into workplace and consumer behaviour. The workshop was presented to a group of over 300 providing insights to the future behaviours of consumers in our industry and the changes that we can expect in the work place. Dr. Dimitrios brings together a great mix of academic rigour, clear insight and humour – I can highly recommend.”

— Tim Sheppard,

SVP & General Manager, IQVIA

“Dr. Dimitrios has been an invaluable ally to us in helping our clients and partners understand the most complex conundrums. In the last 5 years, during times of fundamental change in consumer behaviours and motivations, it has illuminated our thinking many times.”

— Michael Brown,

Head of Insight, UM

Venue & Time:

Delivery: Online via Zoom

Duration: 3 hours

Date: July 13th, 10:00 – 12:00 noon UK Time

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*Note: Workshop recordings will be made available for all attendees (including those who cannot attend at the time of the workshop).