Behavioural Science

Uncover The Human Mind: An introduction to what makes us human

Psychology and Behavioural Science Taster Online Training Course

Includes: 3 hours of pre-recorded materials



This is an introductory course for participants with little to no knowledge of psychology and the behaviour change field. This course provides an overview of the key psychological theories that allow predicting the behaviour of individuals and groups in specific situations, such as consumption, purchasing, or changing habits. Participants will be provided with the core knowledge of psychology and behavioural science through simple language and powerful practical examples. Our bespoke online course serves as a first step in understanding what impacts how people think in everyday situations.


• Introduce the field of psychology and behavioural science

• Explain the reasons to understand the principles of social and individual behaviour

• Demonstrate the impact of psychology and behaviour change in shaping human behaviour

• Relate psychological theories to practical examples


• Core theories of cognition explaining how people make sense of the world

• The key psychology theories introducing the idea of predicting the behaviour

• The impact of framing the messages according to the psychological principles

• The neuroscience of how the brain understands the information


• The introductory knowledge of the core theories of human behaviour

• The explanation of how the brain works in social situations

• Understanding how it’s possible to predict human behaviour

• Ability to relate theories to real-life examples


Participants on similar previous programmes have included:

• behavior change promoters

• consumer insights teams

• marketing and brand managers

• sales directors

• local and national government officials

• client services managers

• business development managers

• HR professionals

• CSR staff

• entrepreneurs

• owner operators

• also individuals with an interest in the topic

Price: £79

In colaboration with

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Dimitrios is a most cited and broadcasted Consumer and Business Psychologist, and Behavioural Scientist of Global renown. He consults for a series of large global corporations and brands, and is regularly invited to bring his informative, informal presentation style to keynote speeches, conferences and company meetings in both the private and public sectors around the world. He acts a regular scientific consultant for titles including the Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Vice and Esquire, and has appeared on documentaries and human interest shows on the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Dimitrios was the first person to establish the field of Consumer Psychology in the UK and now expertly and influentially uses science to find out what people want and think in order to build things that are long-lasting, and more absorbing. He helps understand who the consumer is, demonstrates and provides trend forecasts for how their behaviour might shift in the future. Dimitrios has lent his distinctive approach to a range of clients in various industries: from investments banks to media broadcasters, from luxury fashion houses to the NHS.

“We know what we want and we know when we want it, but we don’t know why”. Dimitrios believes that psychology and behavioural science offers that why and thus helps to resolve day-to-day challenges and boost commercial success.




“It was powerful. The workshop was thought provoking, inspiring, and gave our guests useful tools that could be incorporated immediately. The insights raised in his talk were not only relevant to our audience; they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun – look no further.”

— Colin Carroll,

Founder & CEO, LBDC

“Fascinating and practical insights into workplace and consumer behaviour. The workshop was presented to a group of over 300 providing insights to the future behaviours of consumers in our industry and the changes that we can expect in the work place. Dr. Dimitrios brings together a great mix of academic rigour, clear insight and humour – I can highly recommend.”

— Tim Sheppard,

SVP & General Manager, IQVIA

“Dr. Dimitrios has been an invaluable ally to us in helping our clients and partners understand the most complex conundrums. In the last 5 years, during times of fundamental change in consumer behaviours and motivations, it has illuminated our thinking many times.”

— Michael Brown,

Head of Insight, UM